About Portfolio Senior Project

I often find myself inspired by seemingly separate things. Rather it is a piece of music and how it was produced, a book, an essay, or an article. A documentary, a website, a video game, an idea… Just about any art form has brought me great inspiration throughout my life and I’d think to myself, “I can do that!”

I compose, record, and produce music and sound pieces that depict themes of space, nature, and futurism. I often like to take my auditory work and combine it with visual endeavors such as creating virtual experiences through game engines, video art, and web design. I’m also interested in the documentation and storytelling capabilities of video and documentary production. Thus far most of my work is digital and has not taken any physical incarnations, though possibilities are endless.

My work focuses on the marriage of mediums and ideas stemmed from personal dilemmas or external inspirations. For instance, my work in “Amazon Wizard” is a simple web experience that includes digital photography work that reflects text from a book called “Wizard of the Upper Amazon” by F. Bruce Lamb. The part of the text that is extracted depicts a vivid ayahuasca trip the main character of the book experiences with his fellow tribesmen. The medium of the web in this case is the transducer of literature and photography that allows the user to experience an alternative way to read a piece of text. In another instance, my piece “Looking Through Glass Windows“ documents an evening in downtown Manhattan on the form of video. The cameraman himself is a spectator with the viewer of the piece, together they look through glass windows into available inner worlds of lower Manhattan. Conveying feelings of surveillance mixed with the raw humanity found within these places, as well as exposing interesting interactions between different individuals. In another untitled experiment, I designed a virtual maze with Unity where the player walks through a dark and barren maze not knowing what’s ahead. Quickly the player encounters screens within the maze that show looping videos of humanity’s impact on planet Earth. These videos were also handpicked to demonstrate the idea of the butterfly effect and how decisions throughout history solve old problems and create new issues. Finally the player escapes the dark maze only to realize he/she is on a rock in outer space looking over planet Earth.

My work often infers bigger feelings and questions about the interconnection between humans and nature. Sometimes finding itself on a conflicting stance between the embrace of technology and the cynicism towards it. I create experiences that mirror humankind, the flaws, the beauty, the capabilities, and the limitations. My goal is to transcend the mundane of everyday life by creating work that are backed by my personal experiences and research, sparking inspiration and imagination into the mind of the subject.